Solar Energy Systems


One of the activities of Emen Hesar Pouya Co. is to offer consultation, design, execute, procure, and install solar energy systems in different sizes, capacities and efficiencies, making use of its skills engineers, trained personnel, cooperation with pioneer manufacturers commonly known in the world, and close relationship with scientific centers and universities. This company manufactures a huge category of solar energy systems with high quality and compatible price upon approval and licensed by pioneer and reliable companies in the field of renewable energy including Sharp and Schott. As such as other products manufacturing process, this company aim to completely localize and transfer the manufacturing technology of these products according to the related international standards.

System description

Actually, the solar energy is the most clean and renewable source of energy available throughout the world and Iran is deemed among the richest solar energy sources in the world.

In geographical viewpoint, Iran is located is a part of world which receives the highest levels of solar energy. The rate of solar radiation is predicted to be 1800 to 2200 kWh/m2 all the year, which is actually more than average level in the world. We have 280 sunny days in Iran on average, which justifies the benefits of investment in the field of solar energy. Several types of solar energy systems are to be installed in the Europe and north America in the recent years, and it is expected that up to 65% of produced electricity power and 35% of total consumable energy in the America will be supplied through

Photovoltaic System (PV)

This system can be categorized in two types: stand-alone system & Grid-connected system. In stand-alone systems, the storage resources, i.e. batteries, are mainly used. If this is used with an extra energy resource like, a wind turbine or diesel generator, this will be deemed as a Hybrid PV system. In grid-connected systems, the grid network can be used as an energy storage resource.

The stand-alone types are actually suitable, appropriate and economic for the countries with large areas not equipped with grid network. 

Examples of some applications of stand-alone solar systems:

·   Mobile cellular systems used in automobiles, trucks, boats and SOS phones

·   Telecabine

·   Rural houses power supply which are away from the grid


·   Traffic and lighting lights, telecommunication stations, vessels, etc., which are away from the grid

  • Pumping systems used in drinkable and irrigation water resources, water treatment and freshwater installations
  • Gardening, farming and landscaping applications


  •    Perimeter systems power supply 

  • The most important application is the systems connected to grid powerhouses which are in two types of home and industrial ones