Advanced Perimeter Systems – Microwave



Transmitter/receiver microwave systems are deemed as one of the best and most reliable systems for protection and security purposes, especially designed for areas without any fences around. APS Co. made use of the most advanced and modern digital control microprocessor unit in the offered transmitter/receiver which includes the latest technology of microwave, which will result in more sensitiveness and less fake alarms.


System description

This system includes a transmitter and a receiver. Actually, the transmitter produces a beam which created an invisible and sensitive zone, then the system's receiver mechanism will continuously check-up these waves. Once the receiver identifies a change in receiving signal, it will analyze it and if it indicate a disturbance factor, the alarm system will be activated. This system is capable of diagnosing any type of disturbance including walking, running, and creeping in the protected area. The central processing unit and software can be connected to other security systems including CCTV. All protection and security equipment can be administrated and controlled in some more advanced types. 

­System capabilities

·   Automatic beam measurement adjustment

·   Sensitivity adjustment in different levels

·   Constant sensitivity even if in severe fog, rain and snow weather conditions

·   Constant immunity against severe EMI & RFI

·   Easy installation and use in different places


ACU (Alarm Control Unit)

ACU's task is to process the data received from EF energy providers. Each ACU is capable of processing date of 16 different channels simultaneously. ACUs are capable is being connected to each other via LAN or RS485 communication ports, which makes it easy to create a ring and standard network, and these will be enabled to be used by other network systems.


The MULTI sys is capable of processing input data of ACUs simultaneously for 256 units, which planning and control is very easy via display interface and the related software.