Flexi Gaurd

Flexiguard Advanced Perimeter System (microphone systems)


Undoubtedly, diagnosis of all disturbance, professional analysis, immediate diagnosis and analysis, on-time alarm, and taking appropriate security actions are not possible, unless upon making use of an advanced security and protection system.


Perimeter Protection

Advanced Flexiguard Systems installed on perimeter fences shows possible disturbance situations, which is used to protect different kinds of fences against climbing up and cutting disturbances. This systems also provide an economic and reliable protection for constructions and other areas. The central alarm unit is capable of announcing different type of disturbances on entrance doors, walls and fences, on-time and after some detection analyses.

Central processing unit and system software are capable of being connected to other security systems such od CCTV, and in some advanced models, it can be used to control all other security systems.

User Manual

Advanced Flexiguard perimeter systems are equipped with a sensor cable which shall be connected to the related fence, which is capable of tacking any disturbance before entering the area. The analyzer system alarms for all disturbances. The areas equipped with these kinds of systems will be divided into several zones, up to maximum measurement of 250 meters. The zones can be also designed according to the place of CCTV installation and other security equipment.


·   Advanced detection factor;

·   Capable of being connected to other protection equipment such as CCTV and access control systems;

·   Simple repair and maintenance instructions;

·   Detection of different kinds of disturbances including climbing up and cutting off;

·   Network connections;

·   Environmental status automatic control system.


Automatic environmental control

All detectors and analyzer are equipped with automatic controllers which are capable of configuring the analyzer in different weather conditions. This performance was designed in order for appropriate reactions in windy, stormy and rainy weather conditions.

Flexiguard network system

The Flexiguard network system was designed according to RS485 data cables. The analyzer will be connected via RS485 communication port to the central computer in control room. The alarms will appear on site map and all zones can be controlled by the software. The system design is cable of being configured according to customer's need.

Flexiguard closed loop system

The output signal of an analyzer will be connected to system's input via this loop, by which the disturbance conditions will be surely appear on system even if in case of cutting sensor cable off. Through a two-way signal processor designed on Flexiguard Analyzer, the security level of sensor cable will be at its most possible level.

Flexiguard sensor cable will be installed on fences on closed loop system basis, which will not loss the detection capability even if in case of cutting the cables off. Therefore, the zone will be remained under protection till repairing the cable. 

Flexiguard system components – Alarm Control Unit (ACU)

The task of this unit is to process the input data received from the analyzers. Any control and alarm unit is equipped with a microprocessor which enables it to analyzed the data of 16 input cables simultaneously. Control and alarm units are cable of being connected to each other via LAN and RS485 communication ports, which makes of capable of creating a ring and standard network, which shall be controlled through network systems.

Central computer

Central computer is capable of processing 256 input data receiving from control and ACU units which makes the user capable of controlling and monitoring the zones via its display interface.

Flexiguard sensor cable
 The cable provided by us is actually the most sensitive and accurate cable in the market, manufactured by APS, for a great performance in perimeter protection.
 Other cables in the market including magnetic and optical fiber ones which they shall be in magnetic field or optical fiber field, whose signal will be extremely weak in case of any vibration.

For example, in case of a windy weather in which the cable are surely moving, both two above mentioned cables will have failure points, but our suggested kind of sensor cable  will perform according to its piezoelectric and turbo-electric specifications with is semi-conductive structure which will not produce any error signal in case of wind or moving fences. This cable will just send disturbance signal. The exclusive design of APS sensor cable which is provided by making use of tetrafluoroethylene (teflon) makes its great performance possible even in extremely low and high temperatures. This cable is capable of tolerating sunlight for years and years without any negative physical change and is highly applicable in bad weather conditions. These cable will be also installed on fences by making use of fasteners resistant against ultraviolet radiations. This sensor cable are cable of covering 3 meters in heights, and in case of increasing the height for more than 3 meters, the sensor cable shall be used in two parts, each covering 3 meters in upper and lower parts of the fences.

Flexiguard analyzer

The Flexiguard analyzer will receive the input data of sensor cable, and detect the type of disturbance after completing a digital detection process on the type of received signals. All detection parameters are configurable for an appropriate performance. The analyzers are equipped with separate processing unit to analyze climbing up and cutting off disturbances. These analyzers are cable of being connected to each other through RS485 communication port, then to ACU and computers.

Sensor cable monitoring

The sensor cable will be controlled by special boxes which are placed at the end of each zone. The end part of lines are continuously monitored by the analyzers, which is capable of creating alarm even if in cutting off disturbances.

Installation of sensor cable on the fence

The sensor cable are cable of being connected to fences by fasteners resistant against ultraviolet radiations, or by plastic fasters resistant against radiations, to modern style or other types of fences. These sensors are also capable of being installed on old ring fences, chain ones, or welded netted fences and other types of fences.

Repair & maintenance

This system is equipped with a narrow and flexible sensor cable which is not easily tangible and its repair is very easy.