Electro Fence Advanced Perimeter System (shock fences)


Nowadays, conservation of places is an absolutely indispensable reality. There are several kinds of system in line with this purpose, and one of them is called electro fence perimeter protections systems.

Emen Hesar Pouya provides all required services in this regard including design, provide, install, and commissioning of security and protection systems and offers after-sale services in Iran, as exclusive agent of English company named APS which is deemed as one of the most reliable companies in this regard.

   System description 

Electro fences is deemed as one of the most powerful security systems in respect of detecting unauthorized entrance to specified protected places. This product can be used separately or in companion with other protection equipment. Whereas, place conservation is of high importance, therefore, all component of this system are manufactured in their best possible quality in compliance with British and European Council (BS EN 60335-2-76) standards.

System's user manual

The steel wires are mounted on parallel direction with 95 mm distance. These wire distribute an electric shock every second, without any life-threatening effect. This electric shock avoids unauthorized entrance, wires cut off and climbing up disturbances.

For a high protection and security, the controllers will continuously protect and monitor the fences, any alarm, control and monitor any connection, cut off and short circuit of wires. This sensitivity and alarm mechanisms are configurable and are capable of transferring alarm to other system in compliance with BS4737 standard.

System components

Mast hardware

They are used as wires base in 3 meters distance, which are galvanized in compliance with BS729 standard. The height of these hardware are adjustable according to the type of installations, welding, or concrete works done.


Theses insulators are designed to avoid connection of steel wires with the mast hardware.


The wires are made of galvanized steel.


Energy providers

Electro fences energy providers

These are deemed as components of security systems, so that, all safety points are observed in their designing. These components are wholly standard and are capable of being connected to all systems under British and European Council standards, just same as CCTV and alarm systems. These energy providers are available in the forms of single, double and sic channels, having IP 65. These energy provides are equipped with power alarm relays for using 12 V power, and for power supplies of 15/24 VDC & 110/230 VAC. All power connections between energy providers and other components are continuously monitored by the energy providers.

EF Energy Providers are available in two types

1.Standard energy providers

The following items are being monitored continuously in these energy providers, and the system will send alarm in case of the following items: motion shocks to the system, voltage difference, wires cut off and wires short circuit.

2.Energy providers with higher safety

These energy providers are capable of analyze negative connections in addition to all above items and alarm in case of earth connection.

This care method is also applicable in high-voltage system's on/off modes.

The earth will alarm in cases of cutting off, connection to high-voltage wires, or earthling.


ACU (Alarm Control Unit)

ACU's task is to process the data received from EF energy providers. Each ACU is capable of processing date of 16 different each other via LAN or RS485 communication ports, which makes it easy to create a ring and standard network, and these will be enabled to be used by other network systems.



The MULTI sys is capable of processing input data of ACUs simultaneously for 256 units, which planning and control is very easy via display interface and the related software.

System development

The Flexiguard sensor cable are connected to new or old fences by fasteners resistant to UV, or plastic ones resistant to radiations. These kinds of sensor cables are also capable of installing on all perimeter fences including, ring, chain, welded netter ones or other types of fences.

Repair and maintenance

All system components are capable of being developed, and the peripherals can be also added to the main system.