CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Emen Hesar Pouya, as a specialized group in the fields of electric protection systems, with 8 years of experience in offering consultation. Design, manufacturing special systems, procure components and installing the most professional systems in oil, gas and petrochemical installations, refineries, army installations and industrial & private projects, honored and succeeded to offer the most appropriate and professional solutions and serve dear customers, users and consumers. 

After executing several major projects offered with the reliable brands of CCTV including Sony, Pelco, Infinova, Panasonic and Axis, this company succeeded to secure branch offices from the most reliable related companies including Infinova and Axis, and create a direct relationship with main manufacturers, so that by means of more appropriate prices and direct scientific and technical relationship, this company took action to make electric protection systems intelligent in order for optimized use of protection equipment via image processing system and comprehensive administration software for protection systems and communication ports of perimeter protection systems including access control and also for other systems including fire alarm and firefighting, paging, protection sensors, etc. Therefore this company is offering the most optimized electric protection systems, especially CCTV, in its projects. 


Company's services abstract

·   Offer consultation in introducing and selecting different kinds of video protection systems and make an accurate analysis of them according to employer's needs

·   Designing the best and most appropriate protection plan according to employer's needs and environmental condition subject to protection


·   Conduct designing and accurate analysis of whole complex including view angle of cameras and covered zones, images resolution and better image transfer grounds and type of communicating with other protection systems at beginning of the project

·   Perform images smart making in order for optimized use of protection complex through image processing systems and comprehensive image administration software and communicating with perimeter protection systems via Access Control and other systems including fire alarm and firefighting, paging, protection sensors, etc.


·   Direct communication with main products manufacturers, procure components, install, run and guarantee the project

·   Offer protection and security solutions in a high level and make use of special protection systems incompliance with safety factors in order for very sensitive and special projects

Render services to the related companies